Heavy Duty Pumps and Water Turbine Manufacture Company, PETCO, Was

Established by ‘Iranian Development and Renovation Organization  (IDRO), in1992 and began to produce various kind of Pumps since 1998; PETCO is a subsidiary of ‘SADID Industrial Group’ today.

  Having the strategy of engineering pump manufacturing, PETCO produces specific pumps which meet the requirements of numerous projects in refineries, chemical and petrochemical plants, water/oil pump stations, power and water treatment plants as well as small and medium water turbines.

Manuufacturinng Standdards

Design and manufacturing of process pumps used in oil, gas and petrochemical industries is according to API610 standard; water and sea water pumps in a variety of sizes are produced according to ISO standard. NFPA20 is used for production of firefighting packages and water turbines are, made in compliance with ISO and DIN standards. Moreove PETCO produces different sizes of dry flexible with spacer type couplings conforming  to API6 71 and AGMA CLASS 9 for all the aforemmentioned pumps annd their rellevant drivvers.

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